2025 Philly Pen Show Tables

Welcome Back, Everyone!

The 2025 Philadelphia Pen Show will once again be held at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel.

Please use the form at the bottom of this web page to purchase/reserve your table(s) for the 2025 Philadelphia Pen Show.

As always, tables for the show will come in two varieties: Interior Tables and Wall Tables.

  • Interior Tables are in the ballroom but not against a wall.
  • Wall Tables are in the ballroom and against a wall.

Interior Tables have no access to electricity.
All tables will be approximately 6 feet by 30 inches and have both a tablecloth and skirting.

Exhibitors/Vendors/Dealers must reserve their tables online by purchasing the appropriate “ticket” using the form below.

Tickets for tables are non-refundable and non-transferable. They cannot be re-sold or re-assigned.

Table ticket pricing is as follows:

  • $185 – Interior Table
  • $350 – Single Wall Table
  • $300 – Two or More Wall Tables

Nibbage: Nibbage is the official program of the Philadelphia Pen Show. In order to be listed on the vendor pages of Nibbage, your table(s) must be purchased by 5:00pm (Eastern) on December 20, 2024. In addition to being listed on the vendor pages, if you’d like to advertise in Nibbage, please visit nibbage.com.

Questions? Please write to: info@phillypenshow.com

PLEASE NOTE: Wall Tables are reserved for those who held Wall Tables at the 2025 Philadelphia Pen Show. If you did not have one or more Wall Tables at the 2024 show, please do not use this form to reserve Wall Tables. If you did not have one or more Wall Tables at the 2024 show but would like one or more Wall Tables for the 2025 show, please email info@phillypenshow.com for availability.